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Art Encounters Exhibition

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The Art Encounters Foundation commissioned us with the temporary conversion of the former tramway depot into an exhibition space for the 2017 Art Encounters Biennale. The old tram depot, an late 19’th century metal structure building, is an impressive space due to its dimensions, especially its height and section with an natural zenithal light that can be perceived as the great hall’s spine. Although a newly refurbished interiour, the space had his own flows , especialy the existing flor, fragmented by the tram lines that agressively induce a longitudinal direction and is made out of a couple of different materials like concrete, wood, metal, and plastic elements.

The proposal had to be subtle in order to emphasize the space’s qualities while cleaning it up of the irrelevant elements.
The need for a clean continuous surface drive the solution. A new floor floating over the existing one creates another space in the depot designated to be the Art Encounters scene. It denies the existing distractions while exposing the space by its best qualities. The existing main hall becomes a shell for the new proposed platform - 55 meters long rectangle, made out wood , having two ramps that invites you on and off. The platform was offset on all sides so that the statement would be clear: a temporary floating floor accommodating the art exhibition while still exposing the best of the space to the public.


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