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Redesigning the central historical square in Saschiz

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The area proposed for rehabilitation is located in the Saschiz rural historical site, historical monument of national importance (MS-II-S-A-15781).

The public space is organized around the fortified church, where most of the representative buildings are also located.

This project considers the regeneration of the public space through the proposals which are responding to the needs of all categories of users of this place: gathering areas, spaces for public events, green spaces, resting areas, bicycle and car parking lots, playgrounds, areas for outdoor activities and so on.

Thus, the project has the following objectives:

  • 1. Creating a unified visual appeareance through defining and identifying the existing character of the space, thus adapting the materials used, the public lighting, the urban furniture and vegetation;
  • 2. Carrying out a set of interventions with the aim of reducing car traffic and increasing alternative mobility;
  • 3. Increasing the safeness and accessibility, and creating spaces for including all users;
  • 4. Designing solutions that take into account elements such as nature protection, increased green infrastructure interconnection and adaptation to climate change;
  • 5. The project proposes to preserve and protect the trees representing the landscape heritage of the area (mature trees, specimens that belong to indigenous species, the alignment vegetation made up of mature specimens) and the planting of an alignment vegetation.

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