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Rehabilitation of Szana Bank

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The building, in eclectic historicist style, located on the western side of St. Gheorghe Square, was built at the beginning of 1847 with the purpose of being the headquarters for "Erste Temeswarer Sparkassa" (First Savings Bank of Timisoara). In 1849 the building under construction collapsed, during the siege of the Hungarian revolutionaries, thus being finished only in 1855.

The project aims to rehabilitate the external facades, the internal ones, the framework and the cladding.

At the level of the facade, there are a number of elements with a symbolic role:

  • The beehive, frequent symbol of banking activities, bees being a symbol of economy, generosity and work. This symbol can be found at the level of: the decorative metal elements of the towers; the decorative elements of the hardware of the access gates; the decoration of the pediment of the facade towards St. Gheorghe square.
  • On the facade facing Sf. Gheorge square, traces of the revolution can be read, reflected by the degradation of the facade resulting from the bullets fired during the revolution. It is proposed to preserve some areas of the facade, affected by bullets, in its current state, as a symbol of the 1989 Revolution.

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